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Socialism: The Government Dream

There is only a need for BIG Government when the people of a nation have lost all semblance of “self-government.”  When that happens, BIG government becomes oppressive of the people because that is what they “deserve.”  Anyone, nations included, who cannot govern themselves by standards of good morals and righteous principles, will always fall into slavery to another who will oppressively govern them.

Today people live as if they had a right to everything under the sun; and they expect government to give it to them.  Gone, for the most part, it seems, are the days when people had a sane pride in personal achievement and responsibility for the fulfillment of their own dream.  It was not a “government dream” – or should I say, “government nightmare.”


YES, I’D LIKE . . .

The true story is told about a certain young man who on a college campus had an encounter with a certain young lady who believed socialism was the answer to our problems.  Approaching this young man, who by the way, sported a large button on his shirt that proclaimed: “Cut Down Big Government”, she questioned, “Even you right wingers don’t want to starve?”  He knew that if he admitted to this, she’d only follow up with why not such a guarantee for shelter, medicine and all the rest.

The young man’s reply, which at first seemed like a victory to this socialist young lady, was, “Sure, I’d like to lay my hands on everything I can get.”  “Ah,” she said, “But the state is the closest you can come to such a guarantee.”  “Sure,” replied the young man, “I grant that.  There is something more.  I’d like a guarantee of shelter and medical treatment and even some recreation.”  At that reply, the young socialists woman thought she had a convert and mystified said: “But that’s what we support.  Why are you wearing that button?”  She meant of course his “Cut Down Big Government” button.

The young man continued, “I would also like a yacht.”  A little perturbed she answered – “… if you’re not going to be serious about it.”  “Oh, but I am,” reply the young man earnestly.  “I would really and truly like a yacht.  Also a seaside villa.”  “Look,” said the young woman rather sternly, “you know what I’m talking about – sharing!  I’m not interested in your greedy daydreams.  I’m asking what everyone should have.”  “All right,” replied the young man, “I understand.  Let everyone have a yacht!”

“But how?” queried the woman with the first sign of a rational thought.  “Oh, don’t bother me with that!” he said.  “There will be a way, I’m sure.  Just so everyone has a yacht.  However, there is one more thing I would like.”  “What?” she asked.  “Two yachts.”  The young man stepped back slightly as he noticed the incensed look on the woman’s distorted face as she blurted out, “It’s people like you who keep socialism from working!”

The young man agreed, “Yes, you are quite right.  Perhaps if people like me were put away somewhere socialism would have a chance.”  By now the young, socialist woman was glaring as she desperately tried to think of an answer.  The young man continued, “But there’s still one problem. How many are there like me?”  “Not as many as you think,” the woman replied and walked away.

In an age apathy, relativism and covetousness, people are more and more gravitating toward the socialist road without understanding of its implications for liberty and the crushing of the human spirit.  Socialism ignores the spirit side of man.  They can provide you a house, fill your pot with chicken, give you “free” medical healthcare when you’re sick, all the things that are guaranteed to a prisoner or a slave.  They don’t understand, however, that God gave us a spirit (a heart) to dream — yes, even of some time acquiring and owning our own yacht.