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We, as Americans, must understand that we are at a crossroads in our generation as were our fathers of the WWII generation.  The survival of America as a constitutional republic and Americans as a free people is at one of its most challenging and defining moments in its history. Political forces and parties of men and women have irresponsibly forgotten that we are a constitutional republic.  Some are, without a doubt, on a malevolent course to totally transform us from what we are (a republic) to what they would likes us to be (a socialist, Marxist or global state).

Liberal progressives are the worst of all.  Substituting “moral equivalents” for war, they have taken advantage of the culture’s desire to resolve its problems.  They have used these “moral equivalents” such as the “War on Poverty” and the “War Against Drugs” as opportunities to expand government power into the lives of all its citizens.  Americans, believing that it is a good thing to solve these problems, have been duped by an ever-expanding and ever-encroaching government.

The U.S. Constitution allows for the declaration of war precisely because there are times when individual liberties must be curtailed for the good of the whole nation and to better combat our enemies.  But wars are declared and wars come to an end.  The liberal progressives’ “moral substitutes” for war mentioned before have no end.  The “War on Poverty” has gone on for more than 40 years with no signs of success; all at a huge cost to Americans’ individual rights and liberties and the plunder of their wealth by continuous, burdensome and over-bearing coercive government taxation.

We now have a “War on Terror” – or Terrorism.  President Bush’s colossal failure in the beginning of this armed conflict, I believe, was declaring war on “terror” and NOT on Al Qaeda (who attacked us).  Following the foolish and misguided principles of political correctness, He “declared” war on “terror”.  Because He declared war on a tactic (terror), and not on a people with ideological ideas of terror inconsistent with our values, we have left ourselves open and vulnerable to attack from within, and without.  Our government also, under the guise of protecting us from “terror,” infringes daily upon our constitutional rights as a people. 

Fighting a tactic (“terrorism”) has left our borders open to our enemies.  The Obama administration has even used taxpayer funds to bring many of these “immigrants” to America, helped them find jobs and settle here.  But does he really believe that America has need of the abilities that can only be found among Somali, Yemeni, Palestinian or Hamas immigrants?  Something more sinister is at work here and is evidenced no less by the Obama Administrations’ Department of Homeland Security.

Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) task is to protect Americans.  Yet while they say they are protecting us from terrorism, they have identified the most likely potential terrorists for the American people: those who are principled pro-lifers, pro-second amendment, pro-tenth amendment, anti-tax advocates, limited government advocates, tea-partiers, opponents of illegal immigration and – of all people – returning veterans!  Which group was not mentioned in the security report?  You guessed it: Muslim extremists, muslim clerics or anyone who might help Al-Qaeda or their demons.

The DHS and other police agencies have sought to limit, watch, screen and snoop on us in ever-increasing ways.  By every other means available to them, they expect us to willingly give up our constitutional rights under the guise that we are at war.  But war against an idea or a tactic (“terror”) will have no defined end.  Fighting a tactic will only serve the federal government’s purpose because it gives them continuous power to limit our liberties.

It’s time for Americans to wake up and, in the words of the Templar Knight to Indiana Jones, “choose wisely.”  2012 will be our time to say to our political leaders once again, we will not give up our constitutional liberties; we will not go quietly into the dark; we will prevail and America will not be a socialist, Muslim, marxist or global state.  

Over our White House will always fly the “Red, White and Blue”.  As freedom loving Americans, we will never accept a crescent moon, a hammer & anvil or a UN flag to fly over our nation.  America will remain, though a melting pot of people, a constitutional republic.  And we, as a people, will never yield to any party, elite, foreign power or ideology, our God-given rights, American values and constitutionally-guaranteed liberties.  

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“We scoff at virtue and are shocked to find traitors in our midst”

With those words, C.S. Lewis, perfectly describes America in the present time.

If all political parties regarded truth, honesty and integrity as values to be highly esteemed, we would have a very different political landscape. America would once again begin to really believe in her political leaders.

As we have found recently in Republican and Democratic politicians alike, far too many of them seem to prefer to have a highly regarded reputation in the eyes of men than character in their own eyes and, unfortunately, in the eyes of their families whom they hurt when their rottenness comes to the fore. Reputation is what people think you are; character is who you know you really are.

We need a standard of equality in accountability for all political leaders regardless of political affiliation, rank or reputation. When all men are equally held accountable for their moral lapses, deceit and self-serving lives, leaders would once again find that the people could begin again to trust them and maybe even begin to view them in the caliber of our nation’s founding Fathers: “statesmen” and not “ninnies” worthy only of distrust, scoff and derision.

But all of this wishing will be in vain if the source problem continues: “WE, the people.” Today, we have the kind of government and politicians that we deserve. Yes, we might squirm and balk at that truth, but it is the truth. We have the kind of politicians that we have today, because we have been self-serving. We have sought our own benefit. We have reveal openly for all to see, our despicable character as a people who relinquish personal responsibility to care for our own and have sleazily handed it to the government (“Get as much cheese as you can, get all the food stamps you can, get all the grants and loans from the federal government you can and don’t have to pay back, get in line to get your government bailout, ad infinitum, ad nauseum). More and more we show our depravity as a lustful people who feed at the federal trough without regard for the future of our children and grandchildren. Shame on us. We have turned into prime specimens worthy, not of liberty, but of slavery. Such is the destiny of a people who cannot, or will not, control themselves.

We have become impotent because we have seen the deceitful, self-serving attitudes of our politicians in our own lives and have done nothing. We have done nothing to correct ourselves and return to what is right and honest. We have refused to face the truth in ourselves and preferred to cast blame on everyone and everything but our own pathetic apathy. We are a nation of people ready for judgment – romantic hopefuls, well-wishers, and positive thinkers notwithstanding. The Good Book says that “the God of peace” will be with those who think, not on things that are positive, but on things that are “true”. It takes an encounter with the truth and an acceptance of truth to reverse the course. Our politicians and people need a good dose of truth. And that Truth is only found in Him who said, “I am the way, and the truth….”

This is the time to stand up and be counted. But better still, it’s the time to live the Truth.

May God be justified in continuing to bless America.

Socialism: The Government Dream

There is only a need for BIG Government when the people of a nation have lost all semblance of “self-government.”  When that happens, BIG government becomes oppressive of the people because that is what they “deserve.”  Anyone, nations included, who cannot govern themselves by standards of good morals and righteous principles, will always fall into slavery to another who will oppressively govern them.

Today people live as if they had a right to everything under the sun; and they expect government to give it to them.  Gone, for the most part, it seems, are the days when people had a sane pride in personal achievement and responsibility for the fulfillment of their own dream.  It was not a “government dream” – or should I say, “government nightmare.”


YES, I’D LIKE . . .

The true story is told about a certain young man who on a college campus had an encounter with a certain young lady who believed socialism was the answer to our problems.  Approaching this young man, who by the way, sported a large button on his shirt that proclaimed: “Cut Down Big Government”, she questioned, “Even you right wingers don’t want to starve?”  He knew that if he admitted to this, she’d only follow up with why not such a guarantee for shelter, medicine and all the rest.

The young man’s reply, which at first seemed like a victory to this socialist young lady, was, “Sure, I’d like to lay my hands on everything I can get.”  “Ah,” she said, “But the state is the closest you can come to such a guarantee.”  “Sure,” replied the young man, “I grant that.  There is something more.  I’d like a guarantee of shelter and medical treatment and even some recreation.”  At that reply, the young socialists woman thought she had a convert and mystified said: “But that’s what we support.  Why are you wearing that button?”  She meant of course his “Cut Down Big Government” button.

The young man continued, “I would also like a yacht.”  A little perturbed she answered – “… if you’re not going to be serious about it.”  “Oh, but I am,” reply the young man earnestly.  “I would really and truly like a yacht.  Also a seaside villa.”  “Look,” said the young woman rather sternly, “you know what I’m talking about – sharing!  I’m not interested in your greedy daydreams.  I’m asking what everyone should have.”  “All right,” replied the young man, “I understand.  Let everyone have a yacht!”

“But how?” queried the woman with the first sign of a rational thought.  “Oh, don’t bother me with that!” he said.  “There will be a way, I’m sure.  Just so everyone has a yacht.  However, there is one more thing I would like.”  “What?” she asked.  “Two yachts.”  The young man stepped back slightly as he noticed the incensed look on the woman’s distorted face as she blurted out, “It’s people like you who keep socialism from working!”

The young man agreed, “Yes, you are quite right.  Perhaps if people like me were put away somewhere socialism would have a chance.”  By now the young, socialist woman was glaring as she desperately tried to think of an answer.  The young man continued, “But there’s still one problem. How many are there like me?”  “Not as many as you think,” the woman replied and walked away.

In an age apathy, relativism and covetousness, people are more and more gravitating toward the socialist road without understanding of its implications for liberty and the crushing of the human spirit.  Socialism ignores the spirit side of man.  They can provide you a house, fill your pot with chicken, give you “free” medical healthcare when you’re sick, all the things that are guaranteed to a prisoner or a slave.  They don’t understand, however, that God gave us a spirit (a heart) to dream — yes, even of some time acquiring and owning our own yacht.