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Illegal immigration is the “tar baby” of the Left.

The current U.S. illegal immigration fiasco is not benign in any way. It poses a dangerous threat to our Republic. It is, I believe, a naïve attempt by our unwise leaders to exploit an issue for partisan, political gain. It is reminiscent of the historic Gothic invasion of the Roman Empire which eventually destroyed it from within.

In 376, tens of thousands of Goths arrived at the Danube River, the long-standing frontier of the Roman Empire, requesting asylum from the Roman Emperor Valens. Believing that he could benefit from these individuals coming into the Roman Empire, Valens promised them farm land, grain, and government protection. With such an enormous influx of Goths into the Roman Empire, Valens was unable to keep the promises he made them and herded them into temporary holding areas under guard. His dream of having the Goths increase the size of his army and gain a new tax base for his treasury was as naïve then as it is today under our current leadership.

The Goths feeling “mistreated” by the Emperor Valens rebelled and thus began the destruction of the Roman Empire. The very Goths that Emperor Valens had naively believed would be his advantage became his undoing. By the end of the Gothic wars (in 382), the Goths (those refugees envisioned by Emperor Valens to be his political trump card), had killed him, destroyed a Roman army and had laid waste large portions of the Roman Empire, much of which never recovered. For the first time in its history, the Roman Empire would negotiate a peace settlement with an autonomous barbarian tribe inside the borders of the Roman Empire. With the migration of the Goths over the Danube River, the Roman Empire collapsed as it was carved up into smaller barbarian kingdoms.

Today, our current leaders are just as naïve. They believe that giving lawbreakers (illegal immigrants) amnesty and citizenship (all the rights and promises pertaining thereto) will facilitate their continuance in power by increasing their (army) numbers. They will repeat Emperor Valens’ mistake and not only suffer the consequences themselves, but may also find, too late, that they gave up their nation, and their children, into the hands of modern barbarians who have no desire, as the Goths, to integrate into the society that gave them welcome.

2010 can usher in a new leadership who understands the dangers these lawbreakers pose to our Republic. Being of Mexican descent, this issue for me is not an issue of racism, it’s an issue of righteousness. Will we be a nation governed by laws or overrun by lawbreakers who unrighteously demand what they have not earned? Will we allow the modern-day Goths to invade our Republic, cheered on by our naïve, self-seeking, and law-ignoring politicians? If we do, we will certainly go the way of ancient Rome, and our children will, one day, rightly detest our cowardice.

God grant us grace.

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