A Political Novice Ascends to the Presidency

The greatest question thrown around by many totally baffled by the recent ascension to the presidency of this great republic is:

How did a political novice, with no real experience (other than political “organizing”) land behind the greatest desk of power in the world?

I think Alan Keyes (a black man) has very insightfully captured the essence of that question and answered it very convincingly.

Caution:  His answer is not for those who lack the courage to defy the racial manipulators, but rather for those who seek truth.

If you’re interested in his analysis, you can read this article here:


For all who love pondering truth, I point you to think through the last sentence in his well-written blog article:

“Obama’s rejection of the simple premise that all human beings are created equal (including our nascent offspring [i.e., unborn in the womb]) means that his election … asserts … the ruthless disregard for humanity that made race and racism such potent instruments of evil.” [emphasis mine]


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