The Hammer Is On Its Way Down

Those who have studied the evils of the communist ideology have likened communism’s advance to a series of advances and retreats.  Much like the hammer that strikes and then must withdraw for the next blow, communism had been retreating from the world scene (or so it seemed).

The “hammer” is on its way down, again.  The geopolitical map is about to change because, while Europe and the West have been collapsing into moral and spiritual darkness (i.e., abandonment of Judeo-Christian ethics and all that comes from that abandonment: rampant abortion, the homosexual scourge, same-sex marriage, and yes, even Christians’ abdication from Christ’s teaching on holiness, righteousness and, moral purity, etc…) the Russians have been waiting to strategically drop the hammer.

We are entering, I believe, a time of great danger, as well as opportunity, as Russia again sets out on its never-abandoned-goal of world domination (see “A Czar Is Born” by Ralph Peters).  We must pray, as believing Christians, in this time of great and dangerous geopolitical world changes, that:

* Our hearts would not be shaken over the things that are coming upon this earth;

* We would be found faithful to the message that has never lost its relevance: the gospel of Jesus Christ that transforms men from the inside out, and for eternity.

Men and nations will come and go, that, we are assured of in the Holy Scriptures (Psalm 75:7; Daniel 4;17; 1 Sam. 2:7; .  But God’s Kingdom will continue to expand in the hearts of believing men and women until He whose right it is to rule over all the kingdoms of this earth (Jesus Christ) returns.

The communist “hammer” is on its way down to strike again, but it’s dust on the balance compared to the bang the return of our King of Kings and Lord of Lords will make on this world.  Amen!

’til next time,



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